Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethics, the essence of our actions

Community and NGOs

At John Martin, we are aware of the reality of the community in which we live.
We are receptive to helping the most vulnerable groups in order to improve their quality of life.

We collaborate with different institutions that work actively to rescue homeless pets by donating drugs and antiparasitics to them.

We have participated in different castration and deworming sessions in poor areas and we have also instructed underprivileged children on how to look after their pets properly.

These are some of the institutions that we have helped: El campito refugio, 4 patas, Soplo de Vida, PACMA, Refugio Clemente  Mamani, División Canes S.A.V., Don Torcuato, Sociedad Sarmiento, etc.

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At John Martin we strive for all associates to be treated with respect and we provide a favorable environment for personal and professional development.

Our dealings with our associates are based on these rules: respect, fairness, trust and care, thus fostering workforce integration. We do not allow any kind of discrimination.

We promote a safe working environment as well as the clarity of each team member's job duties.


We are committed to compete in the market on the basis of price, quality and service, within a framework of integrity and respecting our competitors in all regards.

Our advertisements and promotions are truthful and in compliance with the legislation in force in each country where we operate. We compete on quality, service and commercial strategy that are consistent with our principles and values.


Being aware of the importance of carrying out a proper environmental management, at John Martin we have developed a culture of respect and sensitivity towards the environment among our team, our customers and our suppliers.

Solid urban waste is segregated as soon as it is generated and it is collected by different authorized entities which are in charge of its collection and management.

To respect the environment, by preventing any type of contamination, minimizing waste generation and rationalizing the use of natural and energy resources, is an essential part of our policies and procedures.

We encourage our staff to meticulously care for the environment and we acknowledge responsible practices in their daily work.

Control Authorities and Government

We comply with the laws in effect in each country in which we operate, and we also respect the rules of each community.


We have honest and fair relationships with our suppliers, based on clear rules when selecting them so as to avoid any type of favoritism.

We only have commercial relationships with suppliers who perform ethically correct actions which are based on good practices principles, thus establishing long-lasting relationships.

Veterinary Professional

We believe that continuous training is the basis for community growth.

Since we are responsible for animal health, we are aware of the importance of the work veterinary surgeons perform every day.

And it is because of this that we participate in the most important events of the sector by actively supporting them, and we also create new training opportunities around the country.

Furthermore, we support chartered professional bodies and associations in order to help further spread knowledge, which, in turn, will guarantee pets’ health and veterinarians’ work.
We also carry out our own training courses both on-site and online, thanks to the possibilities offered to us by today’s technology.