Mission & Vision



Our mission is to provide all the veterinary community with innovative products which comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, to continuously improve our manufacturing processes and to guarantee the development of sustainability programs for the company, the community and, also, to ensure environmental protection.


Our vision is to become a leading laboratory in the national and international market, and one which stands out for the quality and the specialty of its products and which introduces and develops the concept of “animal welfare”.



We are committed to Quality. We ensure compliance with legal rules and internal guidelines to be followed in the processes and the achievement of effective and reliable products, which makes us a dependable company.


We believe in Innovation as a Value that involves creativity and being “at the vanguard”, important driving forces in the search for the new knowledge necessary to develop innovative products, and we continuously strive to provide solutions to our customers and to the market so as to satisfy their needs.


We believe that through learning we are able to grow every day and this makes us better professionals and better people; which, in turn, helps us improve not only the products we provide in order to achieve animal welfare but also who we are.


All manufacturing policies, processes, products and operations are based on the respect for the balance between existing resources and their renewal. These principles underpin the way we relate to: our staff, our suppliers, our customers, to the environment and to the whole community.

Ability to Adapt

Our complementarity allows us to agilely adapt to different contexts and new challenges. In this way, we commit to the future and we provide social foreseeability.