Complejo Vitamínico

Complejo Vitamínico



Plastic bottle containing 100 mL.



Vitamina A Palmitato 40.000 U.I.; Vitamina B1 Clorhidrato 20 mg; Vitamina B2 - 5 - Fosfato 20 mg; Vitamina B3 150 mg; Vitamina B6 Clorhidrato 5 mg; Vitamina B12 0.1 mg; Vitamina B15 5 mg; Vitamina C 300 mg; Vitamina D3 5.000 U.I.; Vitamina E Acetato 20 mg; Ácido fólico 0.5 mg; D-Pantenol 30,0 mg; Acetilmetionina 50 mg; D-L-Metionina 50 mg; L - Lisina Monoclorhidrato 100 mg; Colina bitartrato 30 mg; Excipientes c.s.p. 100 ml.

Therapeutic Action

Vitamin Supplement.

Indications for Use

For dog, and cats. It prevents nutritional deficiency and it aids in the treatment of animals suffering from debilitating or deficiency conditions such as: anorexia, adynamia, skin and coat diseases, and diarrhea. It aids in treatments with antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs and in the convalescence of infectious diseases.

Route of Administration


Dosage and Instructions for Use

Dogs and Cats: 2.5 to 5 mL/10 kg body weight.
Horses and rabbits: add 100 mL every 50 kg of food and homogenize.

Contraindications / Warnings / Precautions

Not applicable.
The recommended dosage and mixing instructions should be followed. If administered with food, any surplus should be discarded on the same day.


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