A commitment to animal health

GMP Certification

We are proud of the fact that our products are recommended by health professionals.

Not only veterinary surgeons but also pet owners acknowledge the effectiveness of our products when used to improve the health of pets. 
This commitment to health encourages us to develop our products according to the strictest quality standards since our company started operating in the year 1985. 
In order to renew this commitment to quality, we have certified good manufacturing practices in compliance with GMP guidelines, SENASA (NATIONAL SERVICE FOR AGRI-FOOD HEALTH AND QUALITY) Resolution 482/2002 in the year 2013.

In 2015 and 2017 we got the corresponding recertification.

Quality Policy

To keep and to develop the Quality System in accordance with what is set forth by the SENASA (NATIONAL SERVICE FOR AGRI-FOOD HEALTH AND QUALITY) Resolution 482/2002.
To ensure the continuous improvement not only in manufacturing processes but also in quality control procedures.
To develop our own control laboratory which participates in every activity and decision that affects the quality of the product.
To promote the development of new products in accordance with market needs and business opportunities.
To ensure the optimal equipment and service level through participatory and continuous monitoring of technology.
To ensure that all the staff that participates in the processes carried out at the laboratory is duly trained and prepared to perform their role, by providing constant training.
To maintain our manufacturing equipment in satisfactory operating conditions through a preventive maintenance program and an equipment calibration program.
To guarantee the traceability and quality of each manufactured product. 
To involve everyone in the company in the protection of the environment.