Tube containing 80 g.



Calcium phosphate (equivalent to 4654.3 mg Ca and 3596.4 mg P) 15800 mg; Zinc sulphate, heptahydrate (equivalent to 20.5 mg Zn) 90 mg; Copper sulphate, pentahydrate (equivalent to 6.6 mg Cu) 26 mg; Cobalt sulphate, heptahydrate (equivalent to 4. 6 mg Co) 22 mg; Ferric ammonium citrate (equivalent to 56.9 mg Fe) 325 mg; Magnesium sulphate, heptahydrate (equivalent to 263.2 mg Mg) 2670 mg; Manganese chloride tetrahydrate (equivalent to 14.4 mg Mn) 52 mg; Potassium iodide (equivalent to 5.2 mg K and 16.8 mg I) 22 mg; Sodium chloride (equivalent to 80. 6 mg Na and 124.3 mg CI) 205 mg; Vitamin A palmitate 82800 IU; Vitamin B1 hydrochloride (thiamine hydrochloride) 80 mg; Vitamin B2 5'-sodium phosphate (Riboflavin 5'-sodium phosphate) 33 mg; Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 440 mg; Vitamin B6 hydrochloride (Pyridoxine hydrochloride) 42 mg; Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 0.25 mg; Vitamin D3 6400 IU; Vitamin E acetate 250 mg; Vitamin K3 (Menadione bisulphonate) 86 mg; Folic acid 2.50 mg; Biotin 0.44 mg; Choline citrate 4440 mg; Inositol 90 mg; Calcium pantothenate 266 mg; Excipients: cod liver oil, malt extract and other excipients, c.s.p. 100 g.

Therapeutic Action


Indications for Use

- Puppies from weaning to the end of development.
- Situations of stress or previous stress.
- Deficient conditions.
- Nutritional support (home-made diets or deficient diets).
- Complementary treatment for infectious diseases.
- Reinforcement of the immune system.
- Exhibition animals.
- Improvement of skin and coat.
- Vehicle for other medications.
- Positive reinforcement in the vet.
- Animals that are picky eaters or have selective appetites.

Route of Administration


Dosage and Instructions for Use

The product is a ready to use oral paste for puppies.
Administer one teaspoon (approx. 6 grams) per 5 kg of body weight, once a day. Administration should be intermittent and considered as a supplement to food.
A small dose may be placed in the muzzle to stimulate appetite and intake.
The duration of administration is at the discretion of the attending veterinary professional.

Contraindications / Warnings / Precautions

The product is generally well tolerated. However, it should be avoided in animals with vomiting or nausea. Due to the presence of malt extract (carbohydrates), its use in diabetic animals should be evaluated.


Store out of reach of dogs and cats, in order to prevent accidental ingestion or overdose.
For use in puppies only. Do not use in cats.


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- Perú
- Paraguay
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